Gray White Shag Rug Ideas Modern Design

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Gray White Shag Rug Ideas Modern Design
White & Gray Trellis Shag Rug, 3-Feet 2-Inch by 5-Feet, 3×5 Solid & Thick Stain-Resistant Non-Shed Throw

Highlights a redesigned trellis design that is both in vogue and transitional. The 1.5 crawl thick heap give comfort underneath, urging you to walk shoeless. This shag floor covering is more than 1.5 crawl thick, giving an incredible commotion hosing influence. Clamor tends to resound on hardwood floors and in condo, however putting a shag mat in your home puts a conclusion to it. A shag carpet additionally shields new floors from scratches. Simple to clean and tend to, our shag mats are produced using a stain-safe heap. Spills are anything but difficult to wipe off and free soil can be vacuumed off.


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